Tips for Selecting the Best Bicycle for Your Elderly Loved One

Tips for Selecting the Best Bicycle for Your Elderly Loved One

Elderly people have a low level of flexibility and certain changes in bone tissue and joints. Coordination may also be impaired. When choosing a bicycle for an elderly person, it is necessary to consider the safety of the product. Focus on the following factors:

  • The weight of the bicycle
  • Suspension
  • A low landing frame
  • The position of the cyclist during the ride.

The above criteria are the most significant in choosing a bicycle for the elderly. Suspension, in turn, has an effect on the back of older people. So, make sure the spring provides good shock absorption for the elderly. The position of the elderly when riding a bicycle also plays an important role. When the body takes a vertical position, the load is evenly distributed on the intervertebral cartilage in the situation when, for example, the ride is moving through the curb.

If the cyclist leans heavily forward, the pressure may get unevenly distributed, which creates additional strain on intervertebral cartilage. The function of the front spring is to relieve the load from the joints of the arms, as well as from the shoulder muscles. The landing height is the distance from the saddle to the pedals. Older people should follow the rule, which states that a cyclist, while in the saddle, must reach the heel of an extended leg to the pedal. For older people of both genders, a “female” bicycle equipped with a low frame is ideal. This model can provide a more vertical fit, which, in turn, reduces the load on the hands. When choosing a bicycle for the elderly, you should also take into account how convenient the bicycle is for the senior.

The saddle should be wide and soft. If the saddle that comes with the bicycle seems uncomfortable, it’s best to replace it. There are special saddles for men and women, there are also universal models. Of course, for some older people, it is quite difficult to keep balance on a bicycle. In this case, a special tricycle for the elderly ( trike ) can help. They are popular with retirees around the world. Such models are much more stable than conventional two-wheeled. Even if you do not find it in the store, you can always place the order on the Internet. Medigap Coverage for Older Adults: The 2020 Medicare supplement plans seem to be quite popular among over 65 elderly as they cover costs like deductibles which are not covered by Regular Medicare Program.