Tips on Choosing the Best Tonometer for the Elderly

Tips on Choosing the Best Tonometer for the Elderly

To understand which blood pressure monitor is better for older people and to make the right choice, we offer nine tips:

1) Doctors recommend choosing tonometers for older people that have a shoulder cuff. The blood vessels in the area of the forearm are more pronounced, and it is easier for the device to distinguish the flow of blood and the pulse. Of course, it is better to give preference to the automatic apparatus, because the pressure may increase due to the pumping of the cuff with a pear.

2) Before you buy a product, discuss this with your doctor. As a rule, a specialist can give practical advice and help to understand which blood pressure monitor is best for an elderly person. The functionality of the device and the accuracy of the readings depend on many factors that only a doctor can pay attention to.

3) People diagnosed with atherosclerosis have more solid vessels. The result may not be entirely accurate because the signal is very weak. Distorted indications may occur during tachycardia. In such a situation, it is better to choose an apparatus that measures pressure three times and gives an average figure.

4) Some models have an indicator that signals that a person has an arrhythmia, i.e., when such an icon appears, you need to measure the pressure again.

5) If the pulse is weak, then the best blood pressure monitor for the elderly in this situation should be mechanical. In addition, you can use the automatic model, equipped with an intelligent system. Such devices can measure the level of pressure, even if the elderly person has a weak and irregular pulse.

6) If the shoulder is large, then you will have to pick up those blood pressure monitors for older people that have the “armlet” of the right size.

7) If you use an automatic blood pressure monitor for the elderly, we recommend from time to time to compare the results with those that were obtained by the doctor during the physical examination.

8) When purchasing tonometers for the elderly, make sure that the seller has written and filled out the warranty card. It indicates the serial number, model name, date of purchase. In addition, the document should be signed by the seller and the buyer. Also, pay attention to the addresses of service centers indicated in it.

9) If you decide to buy a blood pressure monitor for the elderly, and it works on batteries, then you need to worry about buying a quality battery in advance. As a rule, the batteries that are included are not enough to last long. Of course, if the batteries are low, the readings may be incorrect.

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