Tips on Choosing the Right Mattress for Seniors

Tips on Choosing the Right Mattress for Seniors

How to choose an orthopedic mattress for an elderly person? Orthopedic mattress for an elderly person should have the right elasticity. Manufacturers commonly use polyurethane foam, latex, or a combination of both as a filler. The ideal option is a product that has an average elasticity. Of course, thanks to modern technology, manufacturers are able to create really “smart” mattresses. However, you should be serious about buying a product.

Choosing the Right Mattress:

Lie down on it and feel comfortable for you. Estimate the length and width of the product. Make sure the mattress is longer than the patient’s height by 15–20 cm. Pay attention to the width, it should allow the elderly to lie on their backs and bend their elbows. If you choose anti-decubitus mattresses, then look at modern models with tabs against bedsores in the set. The bones of an aging person become heavier with time. Therefore, patients whose weight is 95-100 kg should choose mattresses for the elderly, with independent spring blocks. This material will prevent the body from falling through. In addition, latex is hypoallergenic.

How to pick the right mattress for seniors with a sore back issue?

Radiculitis is a common disease, the suffering from which is greatly alleviated if you use special mattresses for the elderly. Make sure the mattress has an average level of hardness. Pay attention to the materials in its composition. For example, the presence of wool provides warming to the painful areas. The most important thing is that the mattress distributes the load pointwise and ideally repeats the outlines of the body.


For those who suffer from osteochondrosis, it is better to buy products of medium hardness. Herniated intervertebral discs When choosing mattresses for older people with hernia, it is necessary to give preference to models of high/medium hardness. In addition, we advise you to look at bilateral products that allow you to lie on the soft side.


For an elderly relative with such a disease, a latex orthopedic mattress can be the right option whose stiffness is moderate.


For this, we recommend using products that are made from materials such as coconut filler or latex.


When choosing products for people suffering from this disease, focus your attention on models whose base is made of a durable material (example: polyurethane foam). Medicare supplement plan F at  for seniors who are 65 & above: Medigap help the elderly pay for co-insurance and deductible since none of these are covered by Basic Medicare.